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Aires de Japón

New recipes without losing sight of your own identity

"2020 represents, for Aires de Japan, a new stage in which to perfect everything we offer, but adding new recipes, both within the menu and in the specials that we suggest daily"


Alberto Martín, chef of this elegant and well-cared restaurant in Sóller, explains with a big smile that, for this year, he plans to expand new side dishes, dishes and desserts "without losing sight of the Japanese flair" that characterizes him.


Delicious novelties on the menu


One of the recipes that the chef is going to prepare is a new starter, a dim sum of beef cheek in its sauce, with teriyaki. In addition, there are several dishes "under construction" such as a new tempura roll, or the Japanese cheesecake, which is a kind of souffle with touches of liquorice. "I like to differentiate the flavor of each dish, that it is not all included in one, but that each bite is different and differentiating" explains the chef.

An essential of this restaurant is sake, a drink that "you have to taste to get a taste of it and to be able to differentiate between the different flavors and aromas".


"I like to differentiate the flavor of each dish, so that everything is not included in one"

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