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El Patio de Gloria

Visit of the Balearic Gastronomy and Culture Club

In the endearing Calle San Jaime is El Patio de Glòria, a charming restaurant where chef Javier Gardonio delighted the Club members with his surprising traveling cuisine, in which Km 0 is a priority. Javier and the entire restaurant team left an imprint of good gastronomic work and the promise of diners to repeat the experience at the slightest occasion.

The warmth envelops the visitor from the moment they cross the threshold of the Glòria de Sant Jaume hotel door: wooden flooring, elegant plaster and exposed beams harmoniously coexist with the sobriety of the stone. It is worth stopping at the hotel's beautiful bar, the ideal complement to its excellent gastronomic offer.

The brilliant chef expresses his overflowing creativity in a seductive menu using his universal culinary culture and the most avant-garde techniques. As a good Argentine, he refines his eclectic recipes with beech, orange or vine embers, demonstrating a virtuous handling of kamado.
Manuel Pérez, specialist of the Mallorcan distributor Microvinos, proposed a successful pairing for the magnificent tasting menu that El Patio de Glòria offered to the experienced members of the Gastronomic Club, opting for the versatility of cava to accompany the varied assortment of starters. Maria Rigol Ordi, a dry and spacious ecological reserve, brought out the best of the four elaborations.

We started in the Gardonio universe with a delicious carrot cream with thyme and feta cheese to continue with the inspired croquette according to cuisine: the smoked stracciatella added aroma and unctuousness to the already creamy spinach croquette, which was served accompanied by a bresaola carpaccio.

The ensaimada that traveled to the East and returned perfectly reflects the chef's culinary philosophy, blending his traveling spirit and love of local produce into an authentic work of art. The spectacular “Erasmus” ensaimada immersed us fully in the Maghreb thanks to the lightness of the filo dough, the exotic spice of its farce of chicken stew and the original garnish of date puree and Moroccan lemon jelly.
A tasty Iberian dewlap made the kamado-roasted scallop shine. The ubiquitous smoked flavor also flavored the butter of the soft cauliflower muslin that served as the base for this delicacy.
We greatly enjoyed the extraordinary jig squid with sweet potato muslin and chipotle sauce. The wine chosen to accompany this masterful compendium of gastronomic cultures, which also included bimi and sweet soybeans, was Sonat - Microtiratge nº2 "100% Singular": a complex and voluminous white whose smoky notes reinforced the aroma of the appreciated cephalopod, perfectly executed in the versatile oven.

The red Colló de Mico, another of Microvinos' "singular wines", paired successfully with the autumnal sweet mushroom rice. Shimeji mushrooms, picornells and the obligatory slatasangs added potency and texture to the original rice, which was topped by a tasty deer carpaccio and accompanied by very fresh pea shoots and aromatic truffled cheese.
The perfectly integrated acidity and sweetness of Noctiluca, a fantastic Muscat from the Axarquia, accentuated the enjoyment of the irresistible chocolate fondant tart with vanilla ice cream with which we concluded the succulent agape.
The pleasant experience was rounded off by the great atmosphere in the room provided by Miguel Hermida and his very professional team. Many thanks to Manuel Pérez for the illustrative presentations of the wines, and our most sincere congratulations to Javier Gardonio, who never stopped surprising us with each of his creations.


Microvinos is a young and dynamic company with extensive experience in the quality wine distribution sector. Created eleven years ago by Israel Ruiz and Pilar Torrecillas, it has its operational and logistics base in the Llevant area, its strategic location has allowed it to grow and provide exceptional service to its clients.

The company operates in two clearly differentiated segments: first, Canal Horeca, from its air-conditioned warehouse in Son Servera, where the central offices are also located, carry out its logistics operations. Its restaurant client is advised on everything related to wine: creation of the menu, pairings, service and conservation of the wine and always at the best prices and with the best service and air-conditioned transport. Second, sale to the private public through its two wine cellars located in Cala Millor and Manacor, in which ordinary customers are advised on the latest developments on the market or the best quality-price-quality wines.
The portfolio is based on the combination of unique and exclusive wines from micro-producers such as Raúl Pérez, Rodrigo Méndez, Vicente Inat or María Rigol Ordí, among others, with nationally and internationally recognized trademarks, such as Pago de Carraovejas, Marqués de Murrieta, Juan Gil or Speak.


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