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This year's wine will be of exceptional quality

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The “verema” has been marked by the drought, which has reduced production in many vineyards, however, thanks to the planting of new hectares in recent years, the drop in production has been alleviated. What Macià Batle is most proud of is that this year's grapes have increased in quality. It is a very healthy and good grape. If one walks through the entrances of most Majorcan municipalities, in all of them there are vineyards planted. "It is a moment of congratulations for the sector" explains Ramón Servalls, director of Bodegas Macià Batle, "especially thanks to the protected geographical syndication Vi de la Terra Mallorca that has been allowing very good quality brands to be created for ten years". For Ramón Servalls “the statistics say it: the wines from the land of Mallorca are the ones with the best price and the best valued. There are new spectacular wineries throughout the Island, which are integrated within this distinctive ”.

About "riojitis" and "riberitis".

Despite all the Majorcan public seems not to appreciate what they have at home. “We suffer from the diseases of riojitis and riberitis when in Mallorca we have excellent references”, says Ramón Servalls, “it seems that they have to come from outside to tell us that we have a good product, because we have it, the Blanc de Blancs by Macià Batle, for example, it won the Grand Baco de Oro award for the best wine in Spain, awarded by the Spanish Union of Wine Tasters, that is something that had never happened ”.

For this reason, he assures that the island's wineries have "a pending issue" which is to educate Majorcans to appreciate their own more.

This year's "verema" will give a very good wine.

This year's wine will be of exceptional quality, according to Ramón Servalls. Now that the grapes have been harvested, the fermentation work begins. The grape must has to be converted into wine and, later, the aging process will begin in casks "and the world will continue to roll" while the wineries continue to do their work, and the wine, to improve over time. In January or February, the first whites can be opened while the young reds will remain in the barrel for three months and the old ones will be between a year and a year and a half.

White and red wines for any dish.

Neither meat has to go with reds, nor fish with whites. That is something that Ramón Servalls has more than clear: “The objective is that people enjoy drinking wine, that it be a rewarding experience, so each person must be given freedom to taste the wine they want. If you enjoy a white with a porcella, perfect, and if you like red with a cap roig, perfect too ”.
And it is that, in the world of wineries, the important thing is that everyone enjoys good wine as they wish.



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