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Gastrobar Saratoga

A space to enjoy at any time of the day

The Gastrobar Saratoga represents a new gastronomic project of signature tapas by chef Maurizio Di Munno, with a wine list to accompany and pair them.

“They are tapas that have a base that reminds us of a lifetime, but that at the same time are signature, because the chef gives them his touch of originality and makes them a differentiator from any other that may be in the area ”Says Diana Ruera, head of Gastrobar Saratoga. Seasonal produce, proximity and fusion cuisine come into play in these tapas.


A space open to guests and citizens

Breakfast is served from early in the morning, weekdays and at noon, they offer executive menus, and from 12:00 the tapas menu opens, which can be converted into pinchos -a little smaller- or portions.


The tapas can be turned into skewers -a little smaller- or into portions


From the outside it looks like a small space, but it is not. It has a living room, an interior garden, sofas to read comfortably ... and an offer that covers what any diner wants at any time of the day.

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