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Ses Coves Café & Grill (Coves de Campanet)

An environment of food and drinks

In Ses Coves de Campanet they have it very clear. They are not a restaurant. They are not a bar. They are a space where food and drinks, starters, daily specials, grilled meat and fish, and delicious desserts are offered. A place where you always work with daily market produce, with simplicity and smoky touches thanks to the use of almond, holm oak, carob and vine wood.

The environment is incomparable and the aroma of the firewood permeates the environment. Far from the freshness of the ancient caves, Ses Coves de Campanet and represents a space in which to stop to enjoy everything that the power of the wood fire can achieve on a good meat or a good fish.

Exclusive with LYO meat

Ses Coves has the exclusive of LYO meat in Mallorca. This meat company that sells the most select products, works the most extreme maturations recorded. LYO beef is unique and in Mallorca it can only be found in Ses Coves de Campanet, it is a very exclusive product that has a maturity of up to four years.

Grilled cutlets and other options for meat lovers

Fresh fish are very important in the Ses Coves de Campanet menu, but of course, meats occupy a very special place. Grilled chops, for example, are a classic that no meat lover can miss. Fire acts as one more ingredient in the recipes that are made in this space where, in reality, no patterns or recipes are followed. The good quality product, presented as it is, does not need extra seasonings.

Only the steak tartar roll, whose recipe was revealed by the great Catalan chef Carles Tejedor, follows specific guidelines for its preparation ... of which they have kept a secret.

Fresh fish

Gallo de San Pedro, squid, ray ... for lighter meals, fish are still one of the most recommended options. They are cooked over the coals, and they do not abuse dressings. A good oil, salt, sliced garlic ... and little else is necessary to enhance the flavor and aroma of the sea fruit, as long as it is of the highest quality.

Ses Coves de Campanet boasts of not having closed its doors in the last 68 years. An enviable race in which the extreme care for the quality of its products is what makes this space the undisputed winner.

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