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Roasted beef marrow with red tuna tartare

Chef Patxi Castellano's recipe

La Vasca starts the year with a strong, original and delicious recipe devised by chef Patxi Castellano.


"It is a dish with a very intense flavor, which mixes the creaminess of the marrow with the aromas and taste of bluefin tuna".



  1. Roast the marrow at 200 degrees for 20 minutes with black salt, freeze-dried pink pepper, and extra virgin olive oil.

  2. Cut the tuna into dice-sized pieces (previously frozen for a minimum of 24 hours)

  3. Mix the tuna with 60% soy and 40% sunflower oil infused with garlic, add toasted sesame and chives. Mix it all up.

  4. To present it, place two heaps of coarse salt on a board, to hold the marrow, put the tartar on top and lightly roast it with a blowtorch.

  5. Finish the dish with a few dots of herb mustard mayonnaise with lime.

The chef advises taking it all together, dragging part of the marrow and tartar with the spoon to enjoy all the nuances.



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