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The charm of trying new things

They serve the best meats from Finland, Scotland, the United States or Japan… and now also those from Africa. Vaccu proposes a challenge to lovers of the new: try new, exotic and delicious meats.

 "Our proposal is to try at least once in your life, because ... when was the last time you did something for the first time?" says Julián Vaquer, co-owner of Vaccu, with a big smile.

Grilled with olive wood, carob, holm oak and almond

The aromas of firewood are mixed in this space that, in one of its semi-private rooms, has room for about eighty people. On the grill, among other types of cooking, the proposal of exotic meats from Africa is cooked. “It is a tasting of exotic meats” explains Carlo Cuccurullo, manager and sommelier of Vaccu “you can taste buffalo, crocodile, python, zebra and kangaroo meat, some are grilled, others are grilled. tataki, and the crocodile is prepared breaded in the Creole or Cajun style ”.

"You can taste the meat of buffalo, crocodile, python, zebra and kangaroo"

Lunch and evening menus, ideal for families

Another of Vaccu's charms is the pedestrian area that surrounds it and the children's playground, perfectly visible from the inside or from the terrace equipped to avoid getting cold in winter. Families with children appreciate being able to eat peacefully in a space where children are welcome.

The lunch and evening menus always include traditional cuisine, stews, stew or Majorcan soups, and a main to choose from among three possibilities. The prices range between 12 and 18 euros, depending on the chosen dish, and includes a drink, dessert or coffee.

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