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Can Jaume Artesans

In the Mercat de l'Olivar since 1927

Rafel Calle

“And we hope to make it to the century” says Jaume Aguiló, owner and one of the great meat experts in Mallorca, as he cuts a rib. "We are the fourth generation that works here, because my great-grandfather already sold live birds to take to Barcelona."




Now they serve high quality meat and local produce, mostly, although they do not say no to the best suppliers in the country. A farmer raises the veal they sell specifically for them, they are also specialists in hamburgers and high quality preparations, all of them, except for the croquettes, are gluten-free.

And for this Christmas, Can Jaume Artesans has prepared a whole range of specialties to decorate the tables with the best gastronomic finery.

Nowadays, Can Jaume Artesans, in addition to the butcher shop, offers a vegetable stall, a prepared food stall, a cafeteria and a restaurant, all with the quality seal that characterizes its brand.


More Info: Can Jaume Artesans, Mercat de l'Olivar (Stalls 53-58 / 135-137), Palma
Telephone: 971726909


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