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Escaldums de Nadal

Recipe from the book of A.Tugores

Rafel Calle

We share for the occasion the recipe for "Escaldums de Nadal", from Binissalem, collected from page 198 of the book by A. Tugores.


A turkey, potato, small onions, plums, raisins, oregano, almonds, pine nuts, two spiral skins of whole oranges, dry wine or mistela, butter, water, salt and pepper.



The pieces of turkey are fried in butter, or butter and oil.
They are seasoned with salt and pepper and set aside in a pot with a glass of water and a glass of dry wine.
We put the casserole on a low heat.
Besides, we fry the “potato”, we reserve, we fry the whole onions and we reserve them too.
Sauté some prunes, dried apricots and dates. We reserve them.
We roast one or two tomatoes and with them we prepare a good bite with the almonds, walnuts and crumbled sobrasada, all well minced.
We mix this mince with a little broth and add it to the casserole where the turkey is cooked.
When it begins to be soft, we will add the "potato" and the onions.
We will put a handful of pine nuts in the pan with a little mistela or dry wine and we will add it with the nuts to the casserole.
At the end we will add the orange peel and let it cook for a while to confit it.

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