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Essential guide 2020: Ses Oliveres

The best suggestions for fresh fish

In the fantastic landscape that Ses Oliveres offers, located in the best location in the port of Sóller, rice dishes and fresh fish from the market are the most requested by diners.

They can choose how they want each piece to be cooked, guided by the expertise and finesse of the room staff.

Fish cooked and accompanied to taste

"The guests of Ses oliveres design their own plate" says Bruno Sellés, second generation of this privileged restaurant in the middle of Sóller beach. It is fresh fish in season, which is presented at the table and that diners choose and decide how they want it to be cooked.

"The guests of Ses oliveres design their own plate"

The most common is to choose the grill, the oven or the frying, but the restaurant staff is always willing to suggest the best for each piece. "The scorpion fish is better fried, with sea bass, with salt, and sea bream, on the back". You can also choose the garnish, whether it is fried or roasted potatoes, salad, or sauteed vegetables.

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